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What is the PRO Business Support Community?

More Than Networking

You can connect with other entrepreneurs, executives, and professionals from all over.  Whether looking for those in your field, or for a completely fresh perspective from outside, PRO is THE place to get connected.

Online Community

A place where you can share wins, give and receive advice, discuss ideas, learn new skills, and collaborate with other community members on our platform which is available 24/7. Through this platform, members can community through private 1:1 messaging. 

Exclusive Training

You will have access to exclusive courses, webinars, and “Ask the Expert” events designed specifically to meet the needs and interests of members of the Community. 

Join a Team

You can choose to be matched with a peer advisory group / executive roundtable.  Meeting regularly with the same group of people has proven to lead to better accountability and greater results.   

Special Member Deals

Gain access to special deals on products recommended and used by our staff.  Additionally, you can find special offers from other members of the community EXCLUSIVELY for PRO members. 


Join our online and in person events (where available).  Whether a community challenge, networking event, or book club, PRO regularly hosts events to help you continue to grow as you grow your business. 

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WANTED: Motivated Professionals

PRO is looking for members who are Purpose Driven, Growth-Minded and Hard Working. If that describes you,  we’d love to welcome you into the PRO Business Support Community!

It's a match if...

You Appreciate Giving and Receiving Help

PRO members believe in helping others and surrounding themselves with people who share in that same belief.

You Believe in Hard Work

PRO members understand that success is never guaranteed and that professionals should be willing to work hard to achieve their goals.

You are Open-Minded

PRO members are able to receive constructive criticism and advice in order to broaden their personal perspectives and consider fresh ways to tackle challenges and reach new goals.

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